Full current financial year history

and payroll set-up

for $495

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Full current financial year history and payroll set-up for $495 incl GST.


  • All Transactions from Current FY
  • Payroll Setup
  • Xero Setup
  • From MYOB AccountRight
  • 3 business day turnaround


Our pricing is fixed, no matter how many transactions are in your MYOB file and for any number of employees (up to 100).

We create a Xero subscription for you as part of the conversion process and transfer it to you when the conversion is complete. Please do not create a Xero org yourself.

Payroll is prepared with all pay items (excluding employer deductions), super funds, employee details, pay templates and opening balances from your MYOB file.

We convert Australian Dollar (no multi-currency) AccountRight MYOB files up to 250 MB in size (prior to zipping). If you have a large file optimise in MYOB first (File menu).

Preparing for conversion

Our aim is to make your conversion seamless and painfree. There are some steps to take prior to and conversion to make it run as smoothly a possible.


If this is your first conversion with us please see below our

FAQs – frequently asked questions for more information or contact us to discuss.

Should I Prepare the MYOB File Before Conversion?

Some things are easier to fix while the data is still in MYOB, so here is our recommendation of what to check before converting to Xero:

  1. Check that balances in all reconciled bank accounts and credit cards actually reflect the statement balances as of the last reconciliation date. Finalise all bank reconciliations.  (Reconciliation is easier in Xero, so we recommend leaving unreconciled periods unreconciled in MYOB. However you do need to reconcile to the end of the financial year.)
  2. Ensure all clearing accounts (including Undeposited Funds and Electronic Clearing Account) are reconciled to NIL.
  3. Confirm that the Accounts Payable report reconciles to Supplier statements and that all unpaid invoices are still due.
  4. Ensure all credit notes are applied unless actually unused.
  5. Repeat point 3 and 4 for Accounts Receivable.
  6. Run a Reconciliation Summary report (for sales and purchases) as of the last day of the financial year in MYOB (e.g. 30/6/13) and make sure that it has no Out of Balance amount. Xero does not allow direct journals to system accounts.
  7. Ensure that all employees that are terminated have a termination date entered, rather than just being made inactive.

What Not To Do?

It is essential that you do not change any account types in MYOB before the conversion!  It is also important that you do not start a Xero subscription prior to the conversion as we set up an entirely new Xero org for you based on the MYOB file sent to us.

We recommend leaving the chart of accounts, items and card details (for suppliers, customers and employees) untouched in MYOB and cleaning them up once they are in Xero.

The reason is two-fold:

  1. It is much faster to archive contacts and delete or edit items in Xero. It can be done in bulk and with an easy overview. For accounts, it gives you a clear audit trail when journaling account balances and archiving accounts in Xero.
  2. Technically, the conversion needs contacts, accounts and items as they were when they were created in MYOB. That means we have to re-create them, even if you have made them inactive in MYOB, and you will need to do the work to archive them again in Xero.

Which Versions of MYOB can you Convert From?

We can convert all Account Right MYOB .myo and .myox files:

  • Up to 250 MB or less in size (unzipped)
  • Australia Dollars (not multi-currency)
  • Up to 700 accounts in the Chart of Accounts
  • Up to 100 employees

We are unable to convert if:

  • There are custom tax codes other than 0 and 10 percent
  • If there are withholding tax rates in the MYOB file
  • If there are deposits against orders in the MYOB file

How long will a conversion take?

The conversion is completed within three business days.

What Data Comes Across in the Conversion?

You will have a complete mirror of your data from MYOB with a few exceptions*, for details on what information is transferred please review our MYOB to Xero conversion features.

* As Xero cannot accept job details, they do not come across. Payroll is set up with opening balances as of the last payment date in MYOB – all historical transactions are imported as invoices.

* Recurring invoices and payments will not be brought across. The bank feeds in Xero take care of recurring payments. Recurring invoices may need to be set up in Xero.

* Note that duplicate contact names will be merged in the conversion. If you need to retain different details for a duplicated contact you need to alter one of the contact names so that it is different and will not be merged.

Training and Support

Designed for business owners who want to do their own books, this service ensures that they have Xero set-up to best meet their operational needs. That means less questions for you and better books for you to work with.


It’s personalised

Unlike other providers who conduct seminars en-masse using dummy data, we use the client’s org as the basis for discussion. The sessions are 1:1 so the entire time is dedicated to you and your client.


It’s what you need to know

We use registered BAS agents that are also Xero-certified. Not just an overview of Xero, it is an opportunity for you and your clients to ask questions of qualified bookkeeping experts.


It gives you a head start

Clients may be daunted by the change to unfamiliar software. We are there to address their concerns. We spend time going over their accounts and check payroll is set-up correctly so they are all set to go.

There are various programs available:

  • Xero Settings for Efficiency
  • Time-Savers for Bank Reconciliation
  • Reliable Payruns
  • Accurate BAS Preparation
  • Adhoc Consulting


Cost for these is $176 for one 50 minute session, $495 for three sessions and $770 for five sessions.

Visit our Training & consulting services page for more information or contact us to discuss.

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