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3-Day Turnaround

We deliver your Xero conversion 3 business days after receiving the MYOB file. When necessary we can also expedite your job and deliver within 24 hours for an additional fee.


The Process

After purchasing the conversion, you upload your file through a simple webform. We then create your Xero organisation using the latest partner code and transfer the subscription to you when the conversion is completed.

Every invoice includes invoice date, correct due date, invoice number and reference (PO Number). Every single invoice-line is transferred, including lines with description only. Item invoices use the correct item codes and quantities. Any original invoice that is entered including tax, will arrive in Xero in the same way.

Quotes and Orders are entered as Draft and Awaiting Authorisation respectively to give you all details.

Invoices, Quotes and Orders

With full line item details and all payments against them.

A full and accurate history within Xero means there is no need to go back to MYOB to look anything up. All invoices, statements and Credit Notes can be created and emailed from within Xero exactly as they were in MYOB.



Payments and Credit Notes

Every payment is transferred and booked against each invoice.

That means you can see exactly when payments were made against all invoices when clients need to talk to debtors.

This also includes Credit Notes that are assigned to another invoice to pay it off. Full details (as in invoices) with one additional line representing any assignment to another invoice or refund.

We are using a “MYOB Transfer Account” with a second transaction to actually make that payment.

Any overpayments are handled accurately through Credit Notes. So when you enter the next invoice for a client who has paid a deposit, a credit note will automatically remind you of it.

Bank Transactions

Reconciled according to MYOB.

All bank transaction details are transferred with reconciliation exactly matching what is already reconciled in MYOB.

So in this example, starting the bank feeds from 1 November will pick up the unpresented cheques from before and automatically pre-match them during the normal bank reconciliation process.

This means that all the work done is preserved in Xero and you can continue where you finished off in the old accounting system.



Full history in the general ledger and payroll setup for immediate use.

Payroll is prepared with all pay items (excluding employer deductions), super funds, employee details, pay templates and opening balances. You can run their next payrun straight away provided all settings were included in MYOB. We often find bank account details, super funds and contact details missing in MYOB. So you needs to deliver that or enter it in Xero directly after the conversion is completed.



Manual Journals

Exactly as the accountant intended.

All manual journal (general journal in MYOB) details come across exactly as they are entered in MYOB with the correct accounts and GST settings.

Xero does not allow bank accounts to be used in Manual Journals and Invoices, so they are replaced by a “MYOB Transfer Account” and an additional Spend Money or Receive Money transaction is created.

Xero also does not allow any journal entries to Trade Creditors and Debtors to keep the integrity of the data intact. A similar technique is used to mirror that in Xero.


All contact and financial details, addresses sorted into Postal and Street in Xero.

We check every phone number and make sure the mobile number ends up in the mobile field. We also check each address for variations of PO Box and automatically move it into the postal address fields. Bank details and all other financial details are converted as well (excluding payment terms).

Note, MYOB contact custom fields are not available in Xero so do not come across in the conversion.

Duplicate contacts will only appear once in Xero, provided the company name is spelled exactly the same in both instances (so where you have a contact as a supplier and customer in MYOB, they’ll be merged together and you will see all connected sales and purchase invoices).




All items are created in Xero with their item codes, descriptions and purchase and sales details. As they are also used in the invoices, the inventory item reporting gives useful data straight away (e.g. average sale value) for the different time periods.


No matter how many transactions your MYOB file has, it all gets converted in the same reliable manner for a fixed price.

Some information will possibly require special treatment due to differences in the systems.  For example Xero’s tracking categories are set up to handle jobs in an alternative way to MYOB. There will be an appropriate add-on to manage jobs for you in this situation.

Recurring invoices and payments will not be brought across. The bank feeds in Xero take care of recurring payments. Recurring invoices may need to be set up in Xero.


We aim to convert tax codes in MYOB as expected. If it is a standard MYOB tax code per MYOB’s terminology it should come across. If you have created Custom Tax Codes we will make all attempts to use the closest fitting codes in Xero. There may be some variation as the information in MYOB does not indicate the full intended treatment of a Custom Tax Code.

Full transactional history conversion service is currently available for MYOB AccountRight all versions and for Mac MYOB AccountEdge V9.6 or earlier.

We do not convert MYOB files greater than 250 MB in size or if they contain multi-currency.


Our Promise

Beautiful conversions. Our conversion tool reads the data directly from the MYOB database, converts it with over 120 rules and pushes it directly into Xero. While our conversion process is highly automated and systemised we check every conversion account by account to make sure the data has come across correctly and all the treatments in MYOB have been translated correctly to a Xero transaction.

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