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What is Replic8 Cloud Backup?

Replic8 is an online data backup service, which has been developed to ensure that critical company data is protected from disaster; automatically, conveniently and securely, off-site; including files & folders, databases, and mail servers.


How does Replic8 Cloud Backup Work?

Replic8 uses the latest technology and security encryption techniques to send data from your server or computers, to our secured Remote Backup Servers, via a secure internet link.

How do I know that it is Working?

Replic8 provides you with peace of mind, that your important data is fully protected off-site, by automatically running backups at regular times, nominated by you. After each backup job is run, you’ll receive an email confirming the status of the backup job and summarising the total number of files that have been backed up.  Our  IT support team also monitors the status of your backups and the software has inbuilt file verification, ensuring successful backups.

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By removing the dependence on backup drives, media & the human element, there are fewer points of failure than any other form of backup.

Stored Offsite

Your data is encrypted and stored offsite at our secure data centre facility, with replication to our secondary data centre.

Automatic Scheduled Backups

Backups can be scheduled to run automatically at any time you desire. Just set and forget.

Microsoft Exchange

Our versatile features include Microsoft Exchange database backups for Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. It also includes Exchange Mailbox backups along with Mail level restores.

Multiple Backup Sets & Schedules

Backup multiple sets of data – each with its own schedule. For example, you can backup ‘MYOB’ every few hours, ‘My Documents’ every day and backup you music collection only once a week.

SQL Database Servers

Backup Microsoft SQL Database Servers & MySQL Database Servers. Options allow you to set full, incremental and transaction log backups.

Incremental Backup

Only changes in files are transmitted and not the entire file every time. This helps reduce the bandwidth used and also results in faster backups.


Replic8 allows you to retain as many generations or versions of files as you like (eg keep previous 30 versions).

Military Strength Security

Everything is double encrypted while transmitting from your business to our servers. With 448 bit Blowfish encryption, your data couldn’t be safer!


If you would like to learn more about Cloud Backup for your organisation, you can either complete our online form or download our brochure and complete the application form. You will be contacted by a CloudM8 representative to discuss taking you to the cloud.

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